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Wouldn’t you like to know exactly when your children arrive home from school, or be able to keep an eye on an elderly relative? A professionally installed surveillance system from Castlewall Security & Video will capture what’s going on at home any time. Whether it’s a couple home security cameras to watch the front door or a more elaborate system to monitor your entire property in Indianapolis, or other central Indiana locales, we can deliver a custom home surveillance solution that will notify you of important events when they occur.

Have one of our technicians set up a video surveillance system in your Indianapolis home by calling us today at (317) 218-1007 or (800) 738-0258.

Home Security Cameras

While security cameras were originally developed to provide protection for businesses and public places, video surveillance is now also available for home security systems. With the onset of digital recording and the increasing availability of high-speed Internet, home camera systems have become much more sophisticated in the last decade. Gone are the days of tediously rewinding through video. Today’s home surveillance can be streamed live or recorded and stored as video clips, allowing you to know what’s happening inside and outside your home 24/7.

Not only can Indiana homeowners have a real-time view into their homes, but they now also have access to their home surveillance from anywhere in the world. Castlewall Security & Video offers Honeywell’s Total Connect™ Remote Services, which allows you to look in on your home whenever you want using a laptop, smartphone, or other web-enabled device. You can even receive custom video alerts to see exactly what you want to see, like when an important delivery arrives or when the front door is opened, thus giving you added protection against home invasion.

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Professional Service and Installation

At Castlewall Security & Video, we are committed to tailoring home security products that fit the specific needs and budgets of every customer. When you purchase a home security camera system from us, you can rest assured that it will be installed and serviced by an experienced team of technicians. We can even design a structured wiring system so that your home will be equipped with the electronic infrastructure needed for supporting these products.

Contact us today at (317) 218-1007 or (800) 738-0258 for more details on the services we offer in Indianapolis and surrounding counties, or to request a quote. Check out our helpful resources for more information on protecting your home and family.